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"When I didn’t have nobody to talk to, I talked to my mic, and I didn’t have to ask my mic if it heard me or not.” – FranceauThaGod

Born in Richmond, Virgina, FranceauThaGod wasn’t supposed to be alive let alone even speak. Emille Franceau Smith was born with a rare abnormality that left him without vocal cords and a windpipe the size of a coffee straw. After countless surgeries and therapy he was finally able to speak at the age of 6 and although he still had physical struggles and was teased and bullied throughout his childhood, he developed a passion for writing and music.

For high school Franceau moved to Atlanta, and he began to realize his gravely and hoarse-sounding voice gave him a unique recording sound. With a voice reminiscent of D.O.C, DMX & Mystikal FranceauTha God has released 4 albums with over 1 million streams on SoundCloud and hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. 


FranceauThaGod was featured on websites Pigeons & Planes-Complex, Lyrical Lemonade and Hip HopDX.  He as also been a featured on DJ Smalls Eyez, A3C Vol.7 album, and performed at SXSW 2018 and toured with artists such as Shoreline Mafia, Diego Money, Lil Tracy, Killakami, Warholl SS and more.